Santacruz Construtech



Santa Cruz Construtech is a company that performs its services in Portugal and Abroad, focused essentially on the quality, hig performance and never-ending quest for technical excellence of the services presented.
The Construtech´s goal is the full satisfaction of its customers through a Serious, Competent and Committement to safety.
We offer our clients a wide range of services to provide a competent response to the demands of today´s market.
With employees with extensive experience, we have joint the know-how and excellence of services in order to respond positively to any request in accordance with several intervention areas.

Based on the values acquired by the founders of SantaCruz, we are based on the following values:
People and their safety
Respect and responsibility
Training and knowledge
Teamwork and High Performance



SantaCruz Construtech makes transfer of skilled labor that focuses on your activity in the housing construction market, trade and services.
We have a team of experienced professionals in various areas, including:
Concrete Structures
Masonry Settlement
Ceramic Settlement
Plasterboard Assembly